Mock Car Crash 2013 hits home for 200 students

As part of the MBIA’s P.A.R.T.Y. Program, the Annual Mock Crash 2013 was staged on Sept 25, 2013 at Chapel Lawn Funeral Homes. This event was designed to show students firsthand the aftermath of a fatal collision such as the impact on the family and first responders.

Over the years, MBIA has partnered with a wide variety of professionals and volunteers from RCMP Traffic Division, Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service, Winnipeg Police Services, STARS Air Ambulance ( joined this year), Chapel Lawn Funeral Home and Manitoba Public Insurance. The organizing committee took 6 months to stage this event; their expertise , dedication and commitment make this program possible.

The 200 students from  the three (3) invited schools namely: Gray Academy, Oak Park High School and Warren Collegiate were also exposed to a Mock Funeral, Impact Statements and Demonstrations from booths/stations.