Mock Car Crash

An annual event staged by MBIA in partnership with several organizations mentioned below, the Mock Car Crash is intended to expose Manitoba youth to the consequences of such risk taking behaviour as driving while impaired, without a seatbelt, and while speeding. The first Crash was held on October 19th, 1998 in Oak Bluff, Manitoba. The event was designed to show students firsthand the after effects of a fatal collision, such as the impact on the family and emergency personnel.

With the help of various organizations, including Headingley RCMP Traffic Services, Manitoba Public Insurance. Red River Exhibition Park, Winnipeg Fire & Paramedic Service, City of Winnipeg Police Services (Traffic Division), Manitoba Safety Council, Canadian Red Cross, Paramedic Association of Manitoba, Province of Manitoba Transportation and Government Services, RCMP Communications Centre, and Chapel Lawn Funeral Home, a mock car crash is staged before an audience of 250 grade 12 students.

MBIA stages two Mock Crashes annually.

Winnipeg –September 16, 09
Ste. Anne – June 8, 2009